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The art of conducting a job interview

Job interviews are an essential part of the hiring process, that is why interviewers should take the time to truly understand the interview process as well as all the components. Asking the right questions during a job interview can not only significantly increase the chances of hiring the right candidate but it may also help prevent time and money being wasted.
In this article we will take a look at the most popular job interview questions as well as those topics that must not be discussed during the interview. Apart from that, we will also establish what actions will result in an effective check of the candidate's level of English language proficiency. TOP THE MOST POPULAR JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS How did you learn about this position? Could you...

  • Aneta Szaraniec
    AuthorAneta Szaraniec
    Doświadczona lektorka języka angielskiego, w tym biznesowego. Tłumaczka, autorka materiałów dydaktycznych z języka angielskiego, certyfikowany trener biznesu (umiejętności miękkie). Współpracuje z korporacjami jako lektorka Business English w ramach kursów in-company Lang LTC.